Sunday, October 25, 2009


This blog is the result of a straw-that-broke-camel's-back rejected attempt to comment - in a polite, relevant and academic manner - on a popular climate-related blog earlier today.

From my own experience, on the blog in question today and on others, and drawing from others' experiences I've come across within the climate blogosphere, it's my personal belief that very often comments are rejected from blogs such as Real Climate and Climate Progress not because they violate their stated comment policies, and not because they're offensive or abusive off-topic, but because they meaningfully take issue with something within the post that authors don't feel comfortable acknowledging or responding to, for whatever specific reason.

This forum is intended as a clearing house for such speech, and hopefully as a more open extension to discussions taking place on some other blogs.

While the initial motivation for this blog was my own personal frustration with certain blogs' approaches to moderation, I genuinely hope this can serve as an open forum, so I plan to keep as free from editorialization as possible.

The general format I plan is to post a link to stories on climate blogs readers have had moderation difficulties with, along with a copy of the source blog's comment policy, if one is explicitly stated.  If someone has attempted to post a non-offensive and on-topic comment on the source blog without luck, they're welcome and encouraged to post it here, preferably within quotes or otherwise indicating it was a rejected comment.

If others feel like responding to previously rejected comments, that's great, and discussion that arise from there are, too.

For more description and a sort-of mission statement, please see the "ABOUT THE BLOG" sidebar on the right of the page.

The whole reason for this forum is to be as open and constructive as possible, so please try to keep the discourse as respectful and on-topic and substantive as possible.



  1. Tamino is the worst censor. Open Mind should be included.

  2. @Tom C

    I check in on OM from time-to-time, but have never tried to post there. The posting frequency is slow enough there it should be easy to keep up with. Thanks for the input!

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