Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Climate Progress's Comment Policy

Climate Progress's Comment Policy:

It's a little hard to track down an explicit and succinct comment policy for Climate Progress, as Dr. Joe Romm seems to have only stated it in comments under a blog post in response to people's periodic complaints.

If Dr. Romm or someone from CP posts an explicit policy on their site, or would like to email an explicit policy to AIC, future posts will use what they provide.  The following, located in comment #13 here, is the best I've been able to find so far:

"I don’t delete dissenting voices...
I delete long-debunked stuff, and off-topic ad hominem stuff, and it (not surprisingly) comes to very little, probably not 1 post in 100. It isn’t censoring because there is no right to post here unedited — read the TOU.
...I won’t waste time continuing to debunk that which has been be long debunked — since wasting my time and my readers’ time is a core strategy of many posters. BUT I can’t leave disinformation unchallenged, because some people come to these posts without having read any other posts. So you see the dilemma.
I can waste time responding over and over and over again to the same nonsense — and subject my readers to it. Or, with fair warning, which I’ve given many times, just delete the stuff.
I don’t moderate all the posts as many places do."

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