Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Open Mind: Riddle me this

December 7th, 2009

Those who are in denial of global warming insist that the last decade of global temperature contradicts what was expected by mainstream climate scientists.
Here’s global temperature data from NASA GISS before the 21st century, for the time span 1975 to 2000:

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  1. I made three comments on this post, none of which passed moderation

    My first comment was off-the-cuff, but I think makes a valid point. I wrote:

    “So you are saying that we spend millions of dollars on climate models that predict that termperatures will follow their historical linear trend?”

    My second comment makes the point more explicitly and with a little more detail:

    “• Your post shows that temperatures have followed their historical trend line, but does not show projections made by any of the climate models.
    It would be helpful to provide the slope coefficient for each of the charts. From eyeballing, my guestimate is that the slope for the GISS chart is about .15 per decade and that the slope for the RSS chart would be about .11 per decade.
    I believe that such slopes would be considerably less than the projections from models with a high climate sensitivities and would be consistent with the climate sensitivities suggested by the “lukewarmers”.”

    In my last comment I suggested that a possible answer to his riddle could be found at http://rankexploits.com/musings/2009/temperature-anomalies-v-absolute-projections/#comments

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